Monday, July 2, 2012

China Glaze On Safari Collection Swatches

Hey there!  Today I have 1/2 of the China Glaze "On Safari" collection.  This is a new Fall collection for 2012 (can you believe we are already getting into Fall stuff!?).  This half has the 2 glitters in the collection and a few of the "ugly/pretty" colors too :)

Check them out:

Here's Kalahari Kiss, a taupe-yellow-sand color:
(2 layers)

Then we have "Desert Sun", a orange-caramel type of color.  I loved how this one applied- very smooth and almost jelly like:

(2 layers)

Here is "Elephant Walk", a dusty gray-blue with shimmer (love this one!):

(2 layers)

Next is "Exotic Encounters".  This one is a deep teal-green.  It is also a b! to try and photograph.  I only got one acceptable shot for you.  It kept freaking out my camera, almost like a neon would.  Weirdness:

Now for the glitters!  "I Herd That" (ha-ha, so punny CG : / ) is a gold and copper mix of fine glitters.  It is beautiful! Pretty opaque too, and dries fairly smooth with top coat.

(3 layers plus one layer of top coat shown- this dried to a matte finish without it)

I did one layer of "I Herd That" over "Desert Sun" on my thumb and I FREAKIN' loved it!  This picture does no justice for how spectacular this really looks in person.  You need to try it.  I need to do a full manicure with this combo!

Lastly we have "I'm Not Lion". Taupey, white gold glitter with a strong holographic presence in person.  Again, this was a real pain to capture on film.  It is about 1,000 times prettier in person.  This one is even more opaque than "I Herd That":

(2 layers shown with one layer of top coat)

I did one layer of "I'm Not Lion" on top of "Kalahari Kiss" on my thumb.  Not loving it as much as the previous glitter combo above, but still kinda cool:

See those holo bits?!

I haven't decided if I need the second half of this set, which is primarily comprised of dark reds, purples, browns, and blues.  I do LOVE this half that I own and I believe that you need all 6 :)

Which ones are your favorites?

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