Thursday, July 5, 2012

Icing Shredded Nail Polish

I finally got my hands on "Shredded", a black glitter (I use "glitter" loosely here-it's not shiny).  The black pieces are irregular and shard-like and I love them.  I knew I had to do a black and white sandwich with this!

I used 2 layers of Essie "Instant Hot" as the base, 1 layer of "Shredded", and then I topped it off with one layer of Essie "Allure" to sandwich everything in.  The result was a very Cookies & Cream type effect:

 Yeah..all of these kinda look the same...but I couldn't narrow it down, so instead I will drown you in photos of different hand angles :D

And for reference,  here's what "Shredded" looked like before I topped her with Essie "Allure":

Do you own "Shredded"?  I really love Icing polishes and wish I had a store closer to me!  Are there any other Icing colors that I need to own?  My sister just gave me "After Party" and I can't wait to use that either!

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