Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Klean Color Concrete Gray & Holo Chrome Nail Polish

I did a Klean Color haul awhile back, and would you believe there are still about 6 of them I haven't tried?  Here are 2: Concrete Gray and Holo Chrome!

Concrete Gray is very reminiscent of Zoya Kelly- a blueish, grayish creme.  The good news- this is a one coater! The bad news- the formula is thick and gloopy.  I probably should've tried adding thinner to it, but you know that would require me walking up a flight of stairs, and that's just not happening today :)
My hands were slightly wet too, so I had some bubbling on a few:

I then topped it with one layer of Holo Chrome, a blue sheer based polish with fantastic holographic glitter!

 Even in the shade this polish is fantastical!

For the price, Klean Colors (especially the glitters) are killer!  I love them :D

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