Monday, June 25, 2012

Julep Hayden, Some Sequins, & A Comparison

Here are some pictures of Julep Hayden!  Described as a neon peach creme, this is another almost-one-coater  (I did 2 here).  These pictures are with no topcoat . As you can see, it dries to an almost matte/rubbery type finish:

  This is definitely a unique color. I cannot say I own anything like it!

For a fleeting moment, I though maybe this was close to Essie's A Crewed Interest.  Turns out they are not even from the same planet:

Yep. It's def a 'nope'.

AND THEN, I decided that I wasn't done.  Maybe it's because the boys are out of school and my days aren't as scheduled as usual, but I've been overdosing on nail art.  Here's what I used:

 These little packets are from Sally's. I thought they were great because they allow you to try many different embellishments in one set.  The crappy part is, they are not resealable, so once you open up a section you need to figure out where you are gonna store those suckers.  I used an empty mineral container that I cleaned out:

Pardon the low lighting in this pic, but I wanted the iridescence to really show up!

I love how these look, but you can "feel" them (much like gritty glitter) so if that sort of thing bugs you, you probably will be driven up a wall by these :)  I do find that using that half-gone, thick, gloppy bottle of Seche Vite (you know you have one) helped to smooth it out a bit.

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